What Some of Our Patients Who WERE Good Candidates Have Had To Say About Our Program


“I began Decompression Therapy treatments with Dr. LeBlanc in June 2014. Before this, I had suffered with severe low back pain every day that went into both of my legs. I had previously been to the Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge and tried shots in my lower spine- these gave me temporary relief for only a week. Since beginning treatment at LeBlanc Spine Center- I am now 70-80% improved! I have NO pain going into my legs and I can walk without pain and have more mobility. I wasn’t able to bend, lift or do any household chores before starting treatment here, and now I can do all these activities again- WITHOUT the pain! The staff here are very courteous and caring, and the part I like most about treatment is the relief that I have received from the pain. If I was asked to recommend Decompression Therapy and Dr. LeBlanc- I certainly would recommend! Matter of fact, I already have.”

Wayne Rogillio
(Retired Chief of Police for Baton Rouge,
hometown- Baton Rouge, LA)

“I came to Dr. LeBlanc in October 2014 with Lower back pain and Neck pain. I had been suffering for more than 15 years and had previously tried other doctors and medications. After beginning Decompression Therapy treatments in October 2014, I am already 50% improved! I am treated great by the staff and I really like the family atmosphere at the office. I am now able to do everything in my daily life for longer periods of time without pain. I can lift, bend, sleep better, and walk farther. I would highly recommend LeBlanc Spine Center!”

Paul Hardy, Attorney
(Former Louisiana Lieutenant Governor,
hometown- Cecilia, LA)

“When I first came to LeBlanc Spine Center, my pain was so severe- the pain level was at a 10 out of 10, and I was suffering every day. My low back pain had been getting worse since 1995 and was going down both my legs into my feet. My neck pain had been there since 1963 and was going into both of my arms and hands. I had previously tried other back doctors, pain medications, physical therapy, 3 injections into my spine, and multiple MRI’s had been taken.

I started Decompression for my neck and low back in July 2014, and am now 90-100% improved! I can pick up items without hurting, I feel better (and am smiling more!)-- This relief of pain has given me a more positive outlook on life!

Now that I am out of pain, I have more mobility and I look forward to different activities again. I would absolutely recommend the doctors at LeBlanc Spine Center. What I like most about the care here is the doctors take time to explain everything. They have a passion for helping patients- it shines through in everyone at the office! Truly, my husband and I are blessed knowing everyone here.”

Meritus Franklin
(Registered Nurse at Earl K Long Hospital
(retired), hometown- Edinburg, TX)

“Before coming to Dr. LeBlanc, I was suffering with pain on the side of my legs, hips, low back and neck for 5 years. I had MRI’s, tried medications and had multiple injections, but my pain kept getting worse. Since beginning Decompression therapy, I am now 100% improved! I am able to do everything better- chores, bending, lifting, walking and sitting! Decompression is the best thing! The doctors and staff treat me like a family member and I love the atmosphere at the office! I have already recommended about 10 people- I told them it was the best decision I ever made.”

Sarah James-Webb
(Administrative Assistant at H & E
Equiment in Baton Rouge, hometown-
Franklin, LA))