What Some of Our Patients Who WERE Good Candidates Have Had To Say About Our Program


When I first came to Dr. LeBlanc, I had been suffering with severe lower back pain every morning when I first awakened. I began Spinal Decompression treatments, and I wake up now 90% of time pain free! I also have more mobility and I am not as slow in the mornings when trying to get started.

What I like most about my treatment here is the actual care by Dr. Scott and Dr. Dana and the staff. They are very attentive and caring for me, personally. I have never had this type of experience where the whole staff is as friendly as at LeBlanc Spine Center.

I would very much recommend LeBlanc Spine Center- I was hesitant at first to seek the treatment, but now I have no regrets.

Nicky Falsetta

I had been suffering with nerve pain and sciatica, and it was so severe that I walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I had previously tried 2 spinal injections, nerves burned, nerve block, prescription drugs, and over 28 weeks of physical therapy- and I was still suffering.

I came to LeBlanc Spine Center seeking help, and I began Spinal Decompression treatments…..I am now 80% improved!

For the first time in 18 months, I am able to stand up fairly straight in comparison to when I started. I am able to walk without using a walker, and I have much more mobility and stability.

Everyone here is professional, friendly, and they make you feel very welcome.

I would strongly recommend treatment at LeBlanc Spine Center. The treatment is effective and gives you results you not only see, but you feel much less pain!

What I like “most” at LeBlanc Spine Center is that the treatment WORKS. The results have been fantastic- beyond what I imagined.

Robert L. Saux

I had been suffering with pain in my hamstrings, butt and tailbone, so I came to LeBlanc Spine Center. Since beginning Spinal Decompression treatments, I am now over 50% improved! I am treated excellent by the staff here. The Doctors and staff are outstanding and treatment is effective. I am now able to do household chores, lifting, bending, and can walk a mile with virtually no pain! Even at the end of my walks, I have no pain at all.

I would very much recommend LeBlanc Spine Center. I am very impressed with the organization of the people and the procedure. The building, too is immaculate.

Jim Avault

I suffered for 8 years with sciatic nerve pain, ruptured discs in lumbar (low back) area, and neuropathy in my hands and feet.

Since beginning treatment at LeBlanc Spine Center, I now feel 90% improved! I have improved in all areas, and am now able to do household chores, gardening, lifting, bending, and daily activities. I also see improvement in my hands and feet, and I am able to button my shirts again.

The staff and Doctor’s here are always prompt, considerate, friendly and caring.

I would recommend Dr.’s LeBlanc because they keep you moving a lot better! Myself, my wife, and friends have seen improvement.

Dr. Martin Dean Davis

I had been suffering for about 8 months with pain shooting down my left arm and shoulder. I had previously tried injections in my shoulders, and I was still suffering.

I came to Dr. LeBlanc and began Spinal Decompression treatments. I am now 90% improved! My range of motion has improved 95% and I have no more pain at night. I am now able to do anything I want- all without the pain!

What I like most about my care here is the personal care from the whole staff and the Doctor’s.

What would my comments be if asked to recommend LeBlanc Spine Center? I would say, “Why are you not there yet?!”

Georg Marcum